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OstroVit CGT – 600 g


AED 84.76

Product form: powder
Servings per container: 30
Net weight: 600 g
Dominant ingredient: creatine monohydrate


OstroVit CGT is a modern powder dietary supplement that will complement your diet and the need for three active ingredients which are creatine monohydrate (creatine), glutamine and taurine. OstroVit CGT is an optimal combination of compounds that have dominated for years among both amateurs and professionals of endurance and strength sports.Feel and experience the real anabolic response of your body and effective energy action at every workout. Feel what you’ve been waiting for a long time. Feel OstroVit CGT.

OstroVit CGT – creatine + glutamine + taurine

Creatine is an organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in the human body. It is usually delivered with animal products such as meat, eggs or fish. Its beneficial effect lies in a simple mechanism that, by breaking down phosphocreatine in the muscles, releases energy in the form of high-energy ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate). Despite the fact that creatine is also contained in food, in order to 100% saturate our muscles with creatine, the only way is its constant supplementation.

L-glutamine is an organic chemical compound from the group of endogenous amino acids. It is characterized by many biological functions, as a nitrogen transporter or a precursor of the synthesis of glutathione and nucleotides. It is one of the substrates in the process of gluconeogenesis.

Taurine is found in the brain, heart, kidneys and muscle tissue. Despite its small amount, it plays a very important role in the proper functioning of these organs. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, stabilizer of cell membranes and facilitates the transport of ions such as potassium, sodium, magnesium or calcium.

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