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OstroVit MCT Oil is nothing but the highest-quality medium-chain triglycerides MCT fatty acids, this time closed in a plastic, unbreakable PET bottle free of BPA (bisphenol A). Medium-chain fatty acids are especially recommended for athletes and people with increased physical activity.500 ml MCT – medium-chain fatty acids
41 servings in the bottle
1 daily portion is 12 g
A quick and simple energy boost
OstroVit MCT Oil
Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of saturated fat consisting of fatty acids containing from 6 to 10 carbon atoms. They are mainly found in coconut oil, palm oil and milk fat. Some people from the environment also include lauric acid (C12) in this series, which has twelve carbon atoms, but according to research, it is closer to long-chain fatty acids, looking at its properties and metabolism in the human body. The main advantage of MCT is their energetic effect on our body. This is due to the absorption of the portal vein at a glucose-like rate. Medium-chain fatty acids will play an ideal role in reducing body fat and for people with fat absorption disorders. Rapid absorption will save glycogen stores, which ideally confirms the thesis that MCT is a “golden mean” of energy for any athlete who trains strength, endurance or strength-endurance.

A source of a quick energy boost
It can help people reduce body fat
When used correctly, it can support lipolysis
A beneficial agent for people with fat absorption disorders
May reduce muscle glycogen consumption
An ideal source of healthy fatty acids


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