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OstroVit Erythritol is a high-quality sweetener used as an alternative to traditional table sugar (sucrose). The glycemic index of erythritol is 0, thanks to which it does not raise blood sugar. Perfect for people who care about the health and for those who want to limit their sugar intake. 50 g in the package
One of the lowest prices on the market
IG (glycemic index) = 0
Calorie-free product
Sucrose substitute or traditional sugar
OstroVit Erythritol – Erythritol
Erythritol is an organic chemical compound, tetrahydric alcohol from the sugar group. In the food industry used as a substitute for traditional sugar and more specifically as a sweetener, hiding under the code of the food additive with the number E968. It occurs naturally in fruit, but also in some seaweed and in red wine. Erythritol is a substitute for traditional sugar especially recommended for diabetics because it has zero energy value. It is not fermented by bacteria found in the oral cavity, therefore it does not cause caries.

Excellent as a substitute for traditional sugar
Glycemic index equal to 0 (IG = 0)
Calorie-free products, not metabolized by our body
Ideal for people who limit sugar in their diet
Does not raise blood glucose


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