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OstroVit Biotin VEGE is a diet vegan capsule implementation containing biotin. Biotin helps maintain healthy hair and skin. It contributes to maintaining normal metabolism of macronutrients and helps in the proper functioning of our nervous system. OstroVit Biotin VEGE is recommended for adults who want to supplement their daily diet with biotin. The product in vegan capsules
VEGE CAPSULES – a new line for vegetarians and vegans
90 capsules in the package
1 serving is 1 capsule
The highest portion of Biotin in one capsule = 2.5 mg
OstroVit Biotin VEGE – 25000 mcg Biotin
Biotin (vitamin B7) – an organic chemical compound from the group of vitamins that dissolve in water. It can be extracted from both animal and plant organisms. Importantly, it is a coenzyme for building important enzymes for our body. It indirectly participates in the gluconeogenesis process and the Krebs cycle. Supports skin and hair regeneration processes, which are ideal properties for women who care about their appearance and health.

Biotin contributes to maintaining normal energy metabolism
Biotin helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system
Biotin contributes to maintaining normal metabolism of macronutrients
Biotin helps in getting proper psychological functions
Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair, maintain normal mucous membranes and healthy skin
Products from the VEGE CAPSULES line have been developed using only vegan ingredients. In connection with the company’s high security policy and the fact that allergenic ingredients are used in the production plant, hence the information on the possibility of cross-allergens occurring on the label. For more information, please contact us by email.


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